Rockin' DSTILL

By Neill Pieper

As the summer sun wanes, an eclectic group of artists gather on the longest street in America. Assembling within the theater known as the Bluebird, soulful melodies begin pouring from within. On the eve of the fall equinox, the group of distillers, musicians and imbibers set out on a journey of discovery, indulgence and creativity.

The event known as “DSTILL on the Rocks” kicks off this year's DSTILL event, bringing together craft distillers and bartenders from across the United States in a celebration of the American Craft Spirit. United Kingdom indie rock favorites The Heavy and The Flowers joined craft distillers and fans for an entertaining evening in the Bluebird. This Sept. 21 event begins a three-day celebration that includes tasting events, workshops and more.

Bringing high-energy and soul-inspired tunes that reverberated throughout the Bluebird, listeners were in for a treat. It's the perfect venue for an intimate evening of collaborative spirit and music during the Denver festival. A feeling of excitement was alive as attendees and distillers mingled before the main tasting event on Friday, Sept. 23. 

Rockers The Heavy, however, stole the show on Wednesday night. Frontman Kelvin Swaby said it best, as he proclaimed, “it's so good to be back in Denver.” The sentiment was echoed by distillers and revelers who were truly enjoying themselves.

In a state that beer is often at the center of attention, the mid-week event proved to be a takeover of Colorado by beer's distant cousin, spirits. The event will be capped off this Friday with a grand tasting event hosted at the History Colorado Center on Broadway.