Elevation Beer Company Release Wave Wheel Wit and Barrel-Aged Apis IV

 Photo © Elevation Beer Co.

Photo © Elevation Beer Co.

Courtesy of Elevation Beer Co.

Aug. 5, 2016 – Poncha Springs, Colo. – Elevation Beer Company is releasing two new beers, Wave Wheel Wit and a Barrel-Aged Apis IV, in August.

Wave Wheel Wit (4.6% ABV) is a Belgian style ale, and is the second beer in the brewery’s Green Series. Named for the downriver cartwheel that kayakers do in their play boats on the Arkansas River, Wave Wheel Wit is brewed with sweet and bitter orange peel as well as coriander to add depth to the classic ale.

“We are very excited to be adding another sessionable beer to our Green Series,” says Christian Koch, Elevation Head Brewer and Co-Founder. “A wheat beer has been one of the most requested beers in the tasting room since we opened and I think it really fills a gap in our current lineup."

The Red Wine Barrel-Aged Apis IV (10% ABV) is a Belgian Quadrupel brewed with Trappist yeast and aged in red wine barrels. This addition to the Freestyle Series is named as a tribute to the hardworking honeybee and brewed with locally sourced honey. The Red Wine Barrel-Aged Apis IV is a variation of the brewery’s Black Series Apis IV.

“Apis IV has always been a popular beer for Elevation,” says Koch. “We had played around with a red wine barrel aged Apis on a very small scale in the past and loved the results. Adding it to our Freestyle Series on a larger scale just made sense!”

Both Wave Wheel Wit and Red Wine Barrel-Aged Apis IV will be available for purchase at Elevation’s tasting room in Poncha Springs (115 Pahlone Pkwy) as well as at over 900 locations throughout Colorado. Limited quantities will also be available in Texas, Arizona, and Washington.