An Experience Crafted in the High Country

By Thirst Colorado Staff

You’ve banged around in the backcountry with a tent, drinking water through a filtering straw and pondering whether trees make a sound when they drop in the forest when nobody is around. 

 Photo - Neill Pieper

Photo - Neill Pieper

Enough! It’s time to clean-up. It’s time to ponder something different, like the incredible tastes that sneak to the back of your tongue when whiskey, vodka, liqueur and beer is hand-crafted with Rocky Mountain water and locally sourced ingredients. 

Welcome to the high-country mini-vacation that people all over the world would love to experience. It’s called Elevated Libations and yes, this type of peak experience is all about luxury.  

 Photo - Neill Pieper

Photo - Neill Pieper

Pick your pleasure: Stay at the Aspen Gant and explore the fine craft food and drinks down the Roaring Fork Valley or choose the Manor Vail Lodge and find craft nirvana there. You’ll find no rocks or roots jabbing you in the back overnight. And your itinerary is practically set up when you arrive. Don’t think of it as a vacation schedule, but more like a map of pleasure. 

The lodges have teamed up with area breweries and distilleries to offer discounts on tastings and drinks for participants who book individually or as a group until Oct. 31. Three-night packages start at $495 during the low season and $945 in the high season. For an extra fee, Colorado Mountain Express will serve as the designated driver and shuttle you to and from each location.

The Aspen Gant tour includes:

• Aspen Brewing Company

• Woody Creek Distillers in Basalt

• Marble Distilling Company in Carbondale

• Roaring Fork Brewery in Carbondale

The Aspen package also includes a complimentary upgrade based on availability, two Gant pint glasses, a growler from Aspen Brewing Co. and a $100 food and beverage credit at Pepperjack’s Cafe. “I see this being a great package for a group of friends, couples, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and really anyone that is a beverage and outdoor enthusiast,” according to Meredith Maaske, group sales manager at The Aspen Gant. “It’s a great value that offers a 25 percent discount off accommodations at The Gant.”

The Manor Vail Lodge tour includes:

• Stoneyard Distillery in Dotsero

• Bonfire Brewing Company in Eagle

• Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards

• Vail Brewing Company in Avon

• 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Company in Vail

 Photo - Paul Johnson

Photo - Paul Johnson

When staying at Vail, a complimentary upgrade is offered based on availability. Guests also receive two Crazy Mountain Brewery goblets, a Vail Brewing Co growler and a $100 food and beverage credit at The Fitz Bar & Restaurant. “We launched the package in the late spring and plan to continue it through the fall,” said Jill Anderson, director of sales and marketing. “The discounts at the different locations are only available through travel with our official map. For instance, you will receive two-for-one drinks, discounts and other fun gifts.”

To gather more information on the Aspen package, or call 800-549-0530 to make a reservation.

For more information on the Vail package, visit or call 800.950.8245 to make a reservation.

-Note from the editor: Thirst Colorado staff members experienced the high-country pampering first hand in order to write about the experience. I know, rough gig!