Alisha Lubben - Maxline Brewing

One of the state’s newest breweries wants to make sure that the community – inside and outside of Maxline Brewing – is as healthy as can be. Alisha Lubben, Maxline’s director of culture, was hired to help make sure it happens. The Johnstown native is currently studying to become a certified Cicerone as she works to enhance the culture at the brewery, 2701 S. College Ave., in Fort Collins. One of her goals is to “inspire a culture that supports a community-first mindset and healthy work/life balance,” she says. “The Maxline brewing family is dedicated to donating 30 hours per month of our time and talents to local non-profits and sustainable farms.” Healthy employees are important too, she points out. “Each member of our team is scheduled with three days off in a row to enjoy friends, family, exploring the mountains, and of course, beer.”