Make sure your Christmas goose is cooked … on time

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas … wait, it is in fact Christmas on Sunday, in case you hadn't noticed the blaring “Deck the Halls” music on the radio, the wreath-adorned doors and jolly old Saint Nick taking diligent notes at the mall. If none of this is sounding familiar, you've either procrastinated for too long or you have an exceptionally acute selective hearing problem. 

Rest assured, we have some last-minute pairing advice for you on your holiday dinner, just in case you've let it slide to the last minute. 

So, head down to your local liquor store and grocery mart to salvage that Christmas dinner that everyone is looking forward to.

Elevation Brewing APIS IV

Pairs with Crispy Roasted Duck

Elevation Brewing provides us with a perfect holiday beer: APIS IV. This dark Belgian style ale brewed in the Trappist tradition is a perfect accompaniment to poultry and meats. As Elevation points out, the brew boasts notes of plum, fig and molasses, these flavors coincide well with a rich duck flavor found in the recipe below. 

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Vindication Brewing Freedom Stout

Pairs with Bourbon Pecan Pie

Vindication Brewing asserts that their Freedom Stout “will set you free” and if paired with a pecan pie, we are inclined to agree. At 6.8% ABV, this robust stout leaves a lot of chocolate flavors on the tongue. The rich and chocolaty notes pair perfectly with the nutty, boozy/bourbon flavors found in the bourbon pecan pie recipe below. 

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Diebolt Brewing Postcard Porter

Pairs with Slow-Cooker Sweet Potato Crostini with Goat Cheese

Diebolt's flagship Postcard Porter is a great addition to any holiday meal. The porter imparts balancing flavors of coffee, roasted malt and an earthy bitterness that finishes sweet and creamy. This beer goes great with sweet potatoes as salty, sweet and creamy flavors impart candy-bar like flavors without the guilt. 

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New Image East Coast Transplant

Pairs with Spicy Burnt Maple Brussels Sprouts

New Image may be from Aurora, but they go back to their childhood roots on the East Coast for inspiration on their New England style double IPA. IPAs go great with many spicy dishes and a spicy/sweet brussels sprout recipe proves to be a delectable combo. Their clear and fresh IPA cleans the palate after every bite while the aromatics of the beer and bitterness of the hop profile amplify the foods salty and spicy characteristics. 

Recipe Here ->

Big Choice Brewing Apre Shred Winter Ale

Pairs with Spiced Lamb

The Apre Shred Winter Ale belongs in every ‘fridge around the holidays. Name and can-art aside, this warming ale epitomizes the holiday spirit. Brewed with ginger root, vanilla, honey and cinnamon, the ale goes well with a Christmas spiced lamb recipe. 

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