Funkwerks Nov. BEER RELEASES

Courtesy of Funkwerks

Name: Chakra
Style: Single-hopped Belgian-Style Pale Ale
ABV: 7.1%
This enlightening Belgian-style Pale Ale pushes its own style boundaries to evolve to its truest self. The historic Maris Otter malt grounds the beer while imparting a creamy, biscuity flavor. American Crystal hops enhance the herb and spice characters from the vital force of our house yeast while adding a woodsy, green aroma. This beer finds its true fulfillment in your hands.
Floral and fruit notes with a woodsy, green characteristic and a dash of herb and spice character. 

Released: Saturday, November 5 in draft.

Name: Pear Saison
Style: Belgian-Style Ale brewed with Pears
ABV: 6.8%
After six years as a company our flagship Saison is still brewmaster and co-owner Gordon's favorite of our beers. We took this as a sign to experiment and see what else our Saison can accommodate. In this interpretation of our first medal winning beer you'll find adjunct pear juice, contributing a dry sweetness that compliments our Saison's phenolic spice.
Notes of passion fruit, a hint of spice and fresh pears. 

Released: Saturday, November 12.

Name: Mango King
Style: Imperial Saison Ale brewed with Mango
ABV: 8.0%
Since its first recipe defiant brew, our favorite happy accident Tropic King has become a staple to our beer portfolio. In this seasonal rendition we've added mango puree to enhance the juicy tropical fruit flavors from the Rakau hops.
Notes of passion fruit, pepper, ginger and extra mango. 


Name: Apricot Provincial

Style: Sour Ale brewed with Apricots
ABV: 4.2%
Provincial is our sessional Belgian-Style sour ale brewed utilizing a unique 24-hour warm souring technique using lactobacillus in the wort. We fermented with a Belgian wheat yeast strain famous for fruity flavors and a dry finish, making it the perfect complement to fruit. This delightfully tart fruit beer is refreshing, with a citrusy apricot aroma that transitions into a subtlety sweet and tart finish. 
Notes of lemon zest and apricots. 

Available in draft on November 25th.