Little Machine & Vision Quest

 Photo: Audrey Nguyen

Photo: Audrey Nguyen

Mile High Salute to Little Machine

The name says it all. Little Machine Beer is a minimalistic brewery that features a simple yet inviting environment and small hand-built machines that help produce their brews. 
Located in Denver’s Jefferson Park neighborhood and across from Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the owners hope to deliver a warm atmosphere to the locals. “We want this place to feel like home for the people around the area,” says Brett Williams, co-owner and former head brewer at Dry Dock. “It’s a place where they can come after a long day at work and just relax.”
The tasting room overlooks the entire brewery. The centralized, circular bar is a magnet for visitors and the brewing room peeks out from the corner. With a brewing style the owners define as balanced and authentic, the brewery works on providing beers that are not only enriching to your taste buds but also approachable for everyone to enjoy. Their collection ranges from the Sniff IPA and The Reason saison to the Alternating Currant, a black currant kettle sour that’s a bit tart.

Owners: Ben Chenard, Mike Dunkly and Brett Williams | 303-284-7893 | 2924 W. 20th Ave., Denver
- Spotlighted by Audrey Nguyen

Vision Quest’s Quest for Best Boulder Brewing

Vision Quest opened in the summer of 2015, although much of the Boulder crowd is still discovering the small brewery.  Brewers Adam Kandle, Greg Kallfa and Greg Foley set out to create a unique brewing experience in Boulder that complemented its homebrew store, Boulder Fermentation Supply.
Foley, Kandle and Kallfa have worked at other breweries in Boulder for years. Boasting nearly 15 years of experience, Kandle previously worked at Shine Restaurant and Hop To It. Some in Boulder may know Foley for his extravagant homebrew parties at his home in south Boulder. As for Kallfa, his degree in Biology from the University of Colorado has translated into his role as an engineer of sorts at Vision Quest. 
“The brewery is a big deal, but the homebrew shop is the center of our business and we have a responsibility to make it the best brew shop Boulder has ever had,” Kandle says. 
The current bestselling brew at Vision Quest is the award-winning
Chumlumzumboe IPA. Brewed only in small batches, the IPA has six different hops (some rare) and a malty base. 

Owners:  Adam Kandle and Greg Kallfa | 303.898.6802 | 2510 47th St. Unit A2, Boulder
- Spotlighted by Jessica Brovsky