photo - New planet beer

photo - New planet beer


New Planet Beer

When Boulder native Pedro Gonzalez found out he had Celiac disease, he made it his mission to produce a line of gluten-free beers. He opened New Planet in 2009 and has been pushing the gluten-free and gluten-reduced scene in Colorado ever since. New Planet just reformulated all its beers in 2016 and has made some completely gluten free. The most popular brew at New Planet is the Tread Lightly Ale, 4.9 percent ABV, which is a session ale and contains less than 5PPM of gluten. Three other beers the taproom will feature are the Seclusion IPA, 4.9 percent ABV, New Planet Pale Ale, 5.3 percent ABV, and the New Planet Blonde Ale, 4.5 percent ABV. The pale and the blonde ales are100-percent gluten free. At New Planet they pride themselves in caring about their customers. “We brew beer because we love it and we hope you can taste that the next time you try New Planet,” Gonzalez told Thirst Colorado. “Taste the love!” If you are looking for a good gluten-free beer, this is one you will want to try.



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Address and Contact Info

6560 Odell Place, #D, Boulder, CO 80301
Tele: 303-499-4978
Live Music: Yes
Food: No