Bootstrap Brewing Co.

Looking to try a wide range of unique craft beers from golds to stouts? Well, look no further. The Bootstrap brewery has been crafting funky and delicious beers for the Niwot community since they opened in 2012. The most popular brews available on tap include the Insane Rush IPA, 7.2 percent ABV, Stick’s Pale Ale 5.5 percent ABV, and the Chillax Pineapple Gold 4.5 percent ABV. These are just three of the nine core beers Bootstrap is pouring, which include Boomer Brown 5.1 percent ABV, Backfire Chili, 4.5 percent ABV, and Warthog Stout, 6 percent ABV. They also offer seasonal brews throughout the year. The beers are “highly drinkable and well balanced,” as owner Leslie Kaczeus puts it. Leslie and her husband Steve are natives of Niwot and they wanted to create a place that would serve their neighborhood. Their brewery’s atmosphere consists of good music, good vibes and good beer. This is what the Bootstrap mantra is all about.


Address and Contact Info

6778 North 79th Street
Niwot, Colorado 80503
Tele: (303) 652-4186
Live Music: Yes (calendar)
Food: No