Asher Brewing Co.

Sustainability and being able to provide organic brews for Boulder County are what the group at Asher is striving to achieve. Not long after opening in 2009, Asher got their organic certifications for every beer, making them the first organic brewery in the state. Not only do they provide organic beers, but they run their business completely on wind power, making them environmentally sustainable, with an eye toward social responsibility. The brewery may have opened in 2009 but owner Chris Asher has been brewing since his days as a teacher at Wesleyan University. Asher provides four staple beers and one seasonal beer year round. The staples include: Green Bullet IPA, 7 percent ABV, Greenade Double IPA, 9 percent ABV, Treehugger Amber, 6 percent ABV, and Green Lantern Kolsch, 5 percent ABV. Asher also offers food trucks and cornhole at the taproom, as well as growlers and kegs for customers to enjoy at home. 


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Address and Contact Info

4699 Nautilus Ct. Suite 104
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Tele:  (303) 530-1381
Live Music: Yes (calendar)
Food: Food trucks (call for schedule)