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Amalgam Brewing

The head brewers of Powder Keg Brewing, Philip Joyce and Eric Schmidt, created a side brewing project together called Amalgam Brewing. Power Keg mainly brews sour beers so the two decided to start a side company that would allow them to brew beers they want to drink. This expansion allows them to experiment with new flavors and produce whatever inspires them. The initial focus of Amalgam is to produce barrel aged mixed cultured beers, however, they will be flexible going forward with what they produce. They have not created a firm list currently of flagship beers and are just producing whatever come to their mind that they feel enticed to experiment with. Currently Amalgam is located in the Powder Keg tap room but Joyce and Schmidt hope to expand to their own tap room in the future. The two are still brewing for both companies putting Powder Keg as their first priority currently.


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Address and Contact Info

101 2nd Avenue
Niwot, Colorado 80503
Tele:  (720) 600-5442
Live Music: Yes (calendar)
Food: Apps available