12 Degree Brewing Co.

Jon Howland has been creating Belgian-style beers since 2007 and officially opened up shop in 2013. After visiting Belgium and discovering the complexity behind brewing Belgian beers, Howland found a passion for the style. From the beers to the atmosphere of these Belgian breweries, he hoped to bring back this type of culture and integrate it into 12Degree. He found the perfect location for these needs: Louisville. Louisville provides customers with that small town neighborhood feel that he was looking for, so he has designed his bar to be the most sociable one in town. “With our long community tables, no television, long bar and large garage door opening to the sidewalk, it is intentionally set up to encourage people to talk to each other,” Howland reminds visitors who visit his website. The staples of his brewery include saisons, dark, strong ales, golden strong ales, quads, and a wide variety of sour beers. Among the must-try beers is the 2016 World Beer Cup gold medal winner and 2016 GABF bronze medal winner, the Treachery, an 8 percent ABV Belgian strong ale. Not only does Howland serve beer, he will keep you fed as well with pizza, apps or chocolates. His passion is to brew beers that people want to drink but are hard to find. If you are looking for a taste of Belgium, this should be one of your stops. 


Address and Contact Info

820 Main Street
Louisville, Colorado 80027
Tele: (720) 638-1623
Live Music: Yes (calendar)
Food: Full Kitchen (menu)